Imagine flying through the air. You’ve been given the power of flight! It’s an incredibly strange sensation zipping through the air and viewing the world through a first-person perspective. You may feel like your in the cockpit of a jet or a race car. It’ll be an experience unlike any other. 


Drone racing is a sport where remote-controlled drones are piloted around racecourses at high speeds using first-person-view (FPV) video systems.


Drone racing isn’t limited to just stadiums! We can turn a local
park, school, or even a street into a racetrack. 

Each team has an adult sponsor/trainer. All adults receive background reference checks prior to becoming team members.

What's to It?

  • Build a Team

  • Teams crews of four members

  • Build cue of 5 drones

  • Score by passing Check points

  • Finish w/in Time Limit

  • Most Points + Best Time

                 Wins Heat