MySkaut is operating a piloted UAV fleet in the niche Drone Assisted Public Safety (DAPS) segment as an entry point to provide last-mile delivery, distribution hub services and energy services to UAS operators.

Our clients are retailers, security firms, schools, and chambers of commerce. MySkaut is community controlled via an app enabling drone assisted public safety collaboration with property managers, residents, and even emergency personnel in dealing with the demand of today’s urban areas.

MySkaut originated in the Colony 5  Chicago civic tech apps competition in 2017.
Demetrius Brown of Chicago’s Englewood community created the concept by combining his knowledge of civic need with his degree in Emergency Management.

MySkaut is normalizing commercial low altitude airspace (CLAA) services by making UAV capabilities routinely accessible and affordable to businesses and consumers. The service enhances security options in communities as well as serves as a workforce multiplier.
XtraMedium is pursuing a market strategy to include an open framework for UAV flight rules and other a variety of anticipated FAA UAS integrations as fee-based services for other operators.

The approach will enable XtraMedium to capitalize on FAA expectations for impending commercial low altitude airspace as the drone as a service market evolves from agriculture and warehouse mapping to a robust consumer services ecosystem.

MySkaut Mobility is operated and underwritten by XtraMedium Communications Inc, an Illinois corporation.


Founded in 2002, our company has developed innovation, civic tech awareness campaigns and community training programs across South and West sides of Chicago with the generous support of:


Reyes Holdings, Chicago Beverage Systems
City of Chicago – Mayor's office

City of Chicago Dept. Innovation and Technology

City of Chicago Dept. of Sustainability

City of Chicago Black Aldermanic Caucus



Center for Neighborhood Technology

Detroit Aerotropolis Development  Corporation

Argonne National Labs -  Array of Things Team




Great Lakes Coke

U.S. Census Bureau – CitySDK
Collaboration Theatre

Greater Chatham Initiative

Greater Englewood Development Corporation

Greater Southwest Development Corporation

Chatham Business Association
Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering and Entrepreneurship

University of Chicago Mansueto Institute of Urban Data Studies